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Intellectual Development

Catholic Formation

The Catholic Formation program provides opportunities for students to grow in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ through an understanding of the fundamental truths of Catholic doctrine to experience and share the love of Christ and be Christian leaders at the service of God and others.  Learning strands support the main themes of the Catholic Church including creed, sacred scripture, liturgy and sacraments, prayer and spirituality, Christian morality, evangelization and theology of the body.


The Mathematics program provides opportunities for students to develop creative and strategic thinking skills, logical reasoning, and problem solving skills to implement practical and smart decisions that make the world a better place. The program includes number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability.

Social Studies

The Social Studies program provides opportunities for students to grow in civic competence, equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that help them become informed and responsible citizens of a culturally diverse and interconnected world.  The  program includes cultural awareness and appreciation, historical roots and heritage, geography and natural resources, the role of the individual and groups in society, structure of governance, and economics. 

Language Arts

The English Language Arts program enables students to use their language skills as a tool for better comprehension, expression, and communication to gain a deeper understanding of human experience and become excellent communicators. The program includes all aspects of language learning, reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and representing. 


The Science program develops students to use their scientific knowledge and skills in proposing and developing solutions that have a positive and lasting impact on society. The program includes life science, physical science, and earth and space science through skills in scientific inquiry, processes, engineering and technology. 

Art and Music

The Art and Music program provides opportunities for students to demonstrate purpose, structure, creation, and implementation of art in all its forms.  The learning strands include creating, presenting, responding, and connecting, allowing students to develop deep appreciation for the beauty of arts and nurture their God-given talents.

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