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Intellectual Development

Catholic Formation

Catholic Formation includes teaching the richness of our Catholic faith through unit studies and practice where love for Christ, His Mother, and His Church and the practice of Christian virtues are integrated into the daily activities.


Mathematics supports future mathematical work where the students learn basic skills and facts through concrete materials, directed activities, mathematical games, and learning center activities.

History and Geography

History and Geography serves as a springboard of fostering students’ understanding of human virtues and what it means to be responsible citizens as well as the geographical features of the earth, families, and develop a sense of time.

Language Arts

Language Arts develops the child’s essential skills associated with speaking, pre-reading, and pre-writing where it emphasizes the beauty of the English language, the richness of classical literature, and the value of communicating effectively.


Science strives to awaken a sense of wonder in the child about the world and how it works by developing knowledge of important facts and ideas about their world and introducing the art of observation and the science of experimentation.

Physical Education

Physical Education fulfills the essential need to develop large and small motor strength, skills, and coordination and help the child lead healthy lives by instilling the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed for a lifetime of health and exercise.

The Arts

The Arts educates students beyond fundamental concepts of core subjects as they learn about music and art to reveal the aesthetic dimension of the human mind and opens the child’s heart and mind to God through appreciation of world.